Copper State Umpires Association takes pride in providing the services of quality umpires. Our number one priority is to train and advance the level of umpires we place on the field. Our goal is to see each umpire achieve his or her maximum goal in umpiring. This is achieved through Copper State’s extensive training and the new umpire evaluation process. At Copper State we strongly encourage each umpire to enlist with the umpire evaluation system at least once per year to reach and sustain his or her maximum potential.

In the evaluation process offered by Copper State, an umpire can expect to receive one-on-one training with a properly equipped and trained member of the evaluation staff, real time video feedback, and on site mentoring. An umpire will also receive a copy of video taken during the evaluation process and a text based copy of the evaluation.

Copper State strives to be a beacon of quality umpiring in Arizona and we hope that all umpires will take advantage of this unique, extensive and unparalleled opportunity.

All evaluation requests will be forwarded to an Arizona Umpire School Instructor who will contact you and arrange for your evaluation request. We thank you for your support of umpiring excellence in the Valley.


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